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Growth Stimulators Altus is a unique,residue-free plant biostimulator.Plants treated with Altus show better growth and generative development,improved biomass accumulation, and higher efficiency of photosynthetic apparatus.
Amino Acid Amino Acid Powder ( Vegetable Base ) It contains 18 varieties of L-Amino Acids up to 80%. It is widely used as base fertilizer in all kinds of agricultural crops. Available in Liquid as well as in Powder form.
Humic Acid Liquid Humic - AAYU 30 is a natural organic liquid formulation containing combination of organic humic based stimulators,yield booster and nutrient elements.
Organic Pesticide VIPER X is a natural organic liquid formulation containing combination of extracts from various medicinal plant leaves, seeds and oil.Mite is a very dangerous pest and now a days this pest problem is increasing due to climatic changes.
Organic Fungicide Our firm is highly regarded manufacturer and supplier of Organic Fungicides. The offered organic fungicides are used to kill the fungi or fungal spores.
Neem Oil Migrow Neem Tonic is natural organic crude neem oil. It is broad spectrum insecticide, fungicide, and miticide, larvicide for indoor / outdoor use on ornamental flowering plants.
Seaweed The offered Seaweed Powder is processed by using non-toxic, 100% natural and fresh ascophyllum nodosum. It include ingredients like auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins which makes it highly suitable for enhancing growth of different plants.
Nano Pesticide We, Migrow India is a research based entity and have developed innovative formulation using nanotechnology for pest regulation and control.
Soil Conditioner MOTHER + is a natural organic formulation containing combination of extracts of various medicinal plants, humic, fulvic, organic source of micronutrients and natural growth boosters.
Fulvic Acid To provide the best quality products to the clients, we are betrothed in manufacturing, supplying and trading an excellent quality Powder Fulvic Acid which is a carbon chain molecule. It is 100% water soluble.